WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10, Q10 & Other Models Download

We are here today with a guide on how you can download WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10, Q10 & Other Models. Sometimes back people have been wondering why they have been denied the opportunity to use this app in their BlackBerry phones but we are here with some good tiding and a solution. With today’s technology you can bet that all things are just possible.

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If you are wondering how then we are going to help you know and after that you will be able to use Whatsapp on your BlackBerry. In case you have been wondering why everyone is going crazy about this app then we have already laid a list of few of its features. Check for them below.

WhatsApp for Blackberry
Download WhatsApp for Blackberry

Features of WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10, Q10 and other models

With Whatsapp on your phone there is freedom of passing messages from one person to another free of charge. With this, you can be able to send multi-media messages and make it interesting by inserting emoticon and such to sweeten your conversation.

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Another thing about WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10, Q10 plus other models is sharing of different files, which you may be having on your phone. This means you can share video, audio, photos among other things with your friends. Also see : – UC Browser for PC

You can update your profile picture and status. Actually, WhatsApp comes with some status at the default and you can still choose one and insert it or else write your own thing there for your friends to see.

Most people view social tools with the mind of lack of privacy. This is not the case with WhatsApp. You can insert your photo and set who should see it same with your status. In addition, you get people who are already on your contact list and this means you trust them.

Another thing about whatsapp is about sending a message. You can know whether it has already left your account to the recipients and if they have already seen it. In addition, you can know when a person was seen last on whatsapp. However, you can be able to change this status and once you do it, you will not be able to see when another person visits.

While chatting you can be able to know whether the person is online or not.

You can put wallpaper on your Whatsapp background. There are default images, which you can use, and another option is using your own images.

If you are using WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10, Q10 or any other model you can be able to join friends and create a group where you can be discussing several stuffs.

Download WhatsApp for Blackberry

WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10, Q10 & Other Models – Download Guide

Well, now we are sure this is one of the stages, which you have been waiting for after knowing how good WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10 & Q10 is.

Download link

All you have to do is follow this link and after that WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10, Q10 & Other Models will be on your phone. Check out more guide on Up Grade Its Skills.

Kakao talk

Kakao talk for PC or Windows 7/8 Free Download Tutorial

If you are one of those people who like chatting and going the easier way then you must be aware of Kakao talk for PC. There have come many apps, which you can use to communicate with people from all over the world. In addition, this is one of the ways of migrating to the global village. Apart from coming in the same market place where we can buy and sell all, together there is also easier means of communication.

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Android and other companies has brought us many apps for communication, games among others. With Kakao talk, you can be able to talk with people and you can use it on your iPad or iPhone. This means if you have any of the devices you can install Kakao talk and be able to use it. Also on other devices such as computer. This means you are not limited in any way to use this application and be able to keep in touch with people you care about.  See: Talking TomCat for PC

Kakao talk for Windows

Features of Kakao talk for PC

  • It is a free communication app
  • You can send unlimited text messages to people who are connected with you
  • you can use animated stickers and emoticons
  • there are themes from which you can choose and use
  • You can create a group of up to five people whom you can share audio, videos among other files and documents.
  • You can have a private chat room with a person using Kakao talk for PC
  • It also features gifts which you get as your friends vote for you
  • You can schedule a meeting with your friends.

Kakao talk for PC has lured many people from all over the world. In addition, you can be sure that it is doing well by the number of downloads it is receiving day by day. This also tells you that you can get people to chat with using this app. In addition, the fact that you can download Kakao talk on your Windows PC is another add. This is because there are people who use computer more than their phones and they would rather have such apps on PC instead of their phone. Having known Kakao talk for PC and its features, we are sure you want to download it. Follow the below guide.

Download Kakao talk for PC

Download Kakao talk for PC

  • We are going to use Bluestacks android emulator to download and install Kakao talk for PC. Note that there are other emulators, which you can use in this process. We usually like using Bluestacks because it is very easy to use.
  • Once you download Bluestacks run it on your PC
  • Open Bluestacks and enter your search for Kakao talk for PC
  • Once you click the results Kakao talk will automatically download on your PC

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If you have been looking for a guide on how to download Kakao talk for PC there is no doubt this has helped you on  UpGrade Its Skills.


Truecaller for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP) Free

Sure, you have come across Truecaller for PC or Computer and that is why you are here to get information on how you can get it. We are also here because we want to help you get this app and recognize the caller. Well, this is an android app, which helps you to know who is calling you. At times, you may receive calls, which you cannot be able to tell who the caller is. It happens also that you receive a call and do not have the number on your phonebook and what to know who the person is.

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You may have as well formatted your Phone and you are in that period of getting people’s contact. When a call or text comes it what you do is use truecaller to get the person’s ID.

Download Truecaller for P

How does Truecaller for PC work?

This one of the most celebrated apps we have on google play store and it is receiving great numbers of downloads day by day. No one who has an android phone and does not have this app. First, you can use truecaller.com in case you want to get people’s number or want to identify a person which is a simple thing. Once you enter the number, it will be authenticated and after that get to know whom the caller was. You may wonder where on earth this website will be having such a phone number. The fact is that it saves these numbers when you download on your phone and when you use it.

Truecaller for PC helps also in providing the person’s location. In case you want to know where the person is then this is the right tool to use. You can as well opt to use this app on your PC instead of visiting the website now and then and you have enough space on your computer, which can accommodate Truecaller. You just download it and we are going to show you how to go about it.

Truecaller windows free download

Truecaller for PC Download Guide

This guide will help you download Truecaller for PC. Note that this guide is to be applied on windows 7, 8 and XP.

  • Click this link to go to Bluestacks official webste and download it on your PC.
  • Get the Bluestacks file, which you just downloaded and run it on your PC as you follow instructions as given on the screen
  • Open Bluestacks and enter your search for Truecaller for PC
  • Click to download and install Truecaller on your computer.

Finally, you can use Truecaller for PC whenever a need arises. It is that easy and no person who will be able to hide his or her identity at any given time when you have their phone number. Remember to help your friends download Truecaller for PC by sharing this guide posted on Up Grade Its Skills with them.

UC Browser for PC Download

UC Browser for PC or Computer Free Download Guide

In our today’s article, we are going to talk about UC Browser for PC. This is a browser which you might be using on your smartphone to browse and see what is going on in the world. Now you can get this browser and use it on your PC just like how you use Google Chrome or Mozilla. The only difference between then is that UC Browser is an android browser and you cannot just install it on your PC without a third party software. We are going to show you the trick which you can use in order to download it on your PC.

Download UC Browser for PC

UC Browser for PC – Features

  • It has a beautiful interface
  • It is freely available
  • UC Browser for PC does not have bugs problems
  • It load faster and it is easy to use
  • It manages downloads
  • It helps in optimizing website and does not change its size.
  • You can open different tabs using UC Browser for PC

If you have used this browser on your phone and want to try it on your PC then you are going to enjoy using all these features plus more. It is the best alternative and it is not too heavy. The fact that it loads faster is also an add because you can be able to browse and get a website faster compared to other websites.

UC Browser for Windows Download

Download UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/XP/Vista)

UC Browser being a phone browser will need support of a third party program which we call android emulator. This is because it is an android program and as you know without the official version, the browser will not just play on your PC. That is why we will have to download and install Bluestacks. Note that there are other android emulators which we have and use but in our case here Bluestacks is the best. Though this app is huge and takes quite a space on your PC, it is worth having and with it you can download any android app or game that you want. Follow us below as we give you a guide on how to download UC Browser for PC.

  • Download and install Bluestacks app player from their official website for free
  • Click Bluestacks from your computer’s desktop to open
  • Enter your search for UC Browser for PC
  • Click to download
  • Install UC Browser for PC
  • Go to My Apps on Bluestacks and locate UC Browser for PC

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With that, we are sure that you will be able to download UC Browser for PC. Just a simple process and once you understand it there will be no hindrance when downloading any android application on your PC. Now you can enjoy using UC Browser on your PC. Remember to share this guide posted on Up Grade Its Skills with your friends and help them know that they can download UC Browser for PC too.